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No need to try and get what’s already mine.

In fact, the whole journey of mastering manifestation, hence life in itself is a journey of accepting that anything you desire is already yours, and all you need to do is accept it, is realizing that anything and everything you desire is already yours.

Strenuous effort you’re putting into achieving your goal is actually what’s keeping you away from it. You’re dedicated to do “whatever it takes” to get something that you already have.

A reflection of your beliefs, this is going to bring you more of the same: the need to prove something to somebody, ultimately, to yourself. You do not believe you’re worthy of your desire, so your automatic response to any desire is to labour. To do something to deserve it, to prove to yourself you are worthy of accepting it. That IS the reason laboring and struggling DO work sometimes: you expend enough energy and go through enough of suffering that your unworthiness steps into the background for a while and you lets yourself receive that what you wished for.

In other terms, it’s easier for you to believe you deserve exhaustion, unhappiness and punishment more than those things that bring you joy and happiness. In that way, suffering does bring you some mediocre results, that you then observe and use as proof of righteousness of your self-rejection. As long as you associate your satisfaction with achievements, overcoming, earning and “having suffered enough”, you will keep reproducing those same situations over and over again in various areas of your life.

You’ve been doing it for so long, so that at least part of you recognizes what I am talking about.

And yet, regardless of how long you have been doing it, you can make a new choice now. Any time you want, but it has to be now. Since only now exists. Ego will try and prove you otherwise, saying “we can do it next week” but next week doesn’t exist. Have you ever experienced “next week”, besides in your (wether gruesome or dreamy) imagination of it?

Make a choice now to accept what is rightfully yours. And then again. and again. and again. Keep making that choice until you don’t have to, because yo do not take voice of ego so seriously anymore.

Claim what’s yours. The only reason you desire anything is because it’s yours. Ever wondered why different people have different desires? Leave the lack mentality behind. Don’t give energy to ego’s “theres not enough for everyone” stories. There always is enough of everything for everyone simply because everyone is unique and different and has different desires and aspirations. Its not your job to be concerned with other’s aspirations, but it is clearly a part of your desire for everyone to have what they want, so let your desire manifest, let yourself have what you are asking for, show yourself it’s already there. Work for yourself, not against. It is your personal choice to argue for your greatness or against it, that you keep making again and again that keeps you in misery. It’s never inappropriate to turn towards yourself. There’s no such thing as too late or too early, those are all ego stories. Your life is only now, and everything you desire is now. Claim it, choose it, receive it!

Try this exercise for a few days:

Name your desire and see it as being yours. Don't look with your mind, look with your heart. See your desire as placing an order to the Universe and realize it’s being delivered to you right now. The more you doubt it, change your address, leave your house looking for it somewhere else, the longer it will take to deliver. But it is already yours. Claim it in your heart and continue on with your day in peace.

Repeat any time you feel discomfort about any of your desires. Grandness of the desire doesn’t matter, only your resistance to receiving it based on your idea of grandness and what it takes to deserve it, does.