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Divine Nonbinary is a multidisciplinary artist and healer, focusing on the topics of universality and freedom.
This text will keep changing, so don’t quote me on that ;)
You’re welcome to follow along though <3


This is where you will see documentation of my work :)

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“They’re the energy you didn’t know you absolutely needed in your life. If you want an example of how people & friends can bring you growth & inner peace, here you go! You should probably follow @divinenonbinary


Hello there!
It’s me
And I love you

If you want a bit more detail, well, short story long, I was born to love you.
Maybe I wasn’t conscious of it at all times, but I sure have felt it in my heart each step of the way, no matter what.
Whatever situation I found myself in, whatever relationships I was navigating, One thing was always there: desire to love you.
I am not gonna lie: sometimes I didn’t. And that brought in immense pain and suffering to me, distorted my vision at times and brought up bigger and bigger mirrors for me to be able to see into the root of who I am and what
-=this=- is all about.
With much time, love and patience  I have allowed myself to align with this desire, that I now can openly share with you without any fear or doubt:

I want to love you.
And so I do.

Would you dare to let me?

♥.¸¸.•´¯`☆ ︎    ︎   ︎   ︎ ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥

I am Divine


This is my life’s work

It’s light to my shadows, solace to my past pains, support to my crumbled foundations.
It’s my hope, my love and my light
It’s my faith in life and humanity
It’s my gift to the world.
It’s my offering to you

What is yours? What is it that keeps you strong through your weakness? What is it that you dream of? What is it that drives you forward? What is it that you came into this world for?

Maybe you don’t know it yet, but I do:


You have come here to be happy.


Not mildly satisfied, not comfortable and definitely not miserable.
You have come here to be consistently joyos, loving and celebrating every second of your past, present and future experience.
And my desire for you is to absorb this knowing, this expectation, and see your whole life transform and blossom like a beautiful garden.

If you are ready to claim your happiness and your divine truth, support is here

1 on 1 coaching

Individual coaching happening via Zoom, in sessions of 1,5 hours, besides introductory session that is 45 minutes long.

First time client, introductory session (45 min)
111 EUR

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Returning client, single session

555 EUR

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Prepaid bundles:

2 hr coaching

666 EUR

333 EUR/hr

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4 hr coaching

1111 EUR

277 EUR/hr

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10 hr coaching

2222 EUR

222 EUR/hr

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At Divine Nonbinary, we stand behind the quality of our work. All sales are final, no refunds. If you need to reschedule please email with at least 24 hours notice so that you do not forfeit your session. If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, you forfeit the session.  Time will not be added to your session, if you are late.  It will end regularly as scheduled per time slot.  


By participating in and soliciting my Coaching Services at Divine Nonbinary, you acknowledge that I am not a Licensed Psychologist or Health Care Professional and my services do not replace the care of Psychologists or other Health Care Professionals. Spiritual Coaching is in no way to be construed or substituted as Psychological Counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. Your participation waives liability of Divine Nonbinary, T. Kuznetsova, and affiliates.

If you feel you are experiencing a mental health crisis or are feeling suicidal, please immediately contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at
1-800-273-8255 (United States)
113 and 0800 - 0113 (Netherlands)

Divine Nonbinary, T. Kuznetsova